The First Middle East Regional Conference on Irrigation and Drainage
26-28 / February / 2024

Accessibility Policy


The accessibility policy is a set of policies and procedures aimed at providing easy and comprehensive access to the website with a focus on all categories of society . Therefore, the irrigation public organization has been keen to implement the accessibility policy with the highest technical standards for electronic platforms. And its application of each new technology contributes to the enrichment of its website and facilitates access to all its contents.

Easy access to the website

The irrigation public corporation has been keen to provide a positive user experience for everyone, and to promote equality in access to information and services provided online. Therefore, it worked on applying the highest technical standards for technical platforms related to people with special needs , and also worked on applying internationally approved standards to include increasing the number of users and visitors to the website; and raising the extent of their interaction.

Approved standards

  • The commitment to make the website accessible to all through various accessibility features in accordance with the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) , so we designed the site with the aim of reaching the global AAA standard . And to ensure-through continuous work in the development of the website - that all the improvements we make are in line with these standards to the maximum extent possible and provide the best possible experience. The website has been built adhering to 360 standards: thus to ensure better performance on search engines and work on the convenience of multiple browsers. And these developments are all very important in today's connected world.
  • Interactive interface design. In addition to the W3C global network Assembly standards, we have defined (655©) standards derived from leading international practices to improve the accessibility features of the website.
  • Protection of sensitive information. The electronic storage and transmission of this information through the use of appropriate information security technologies. Therefore, we are working towards a comprehensive information security system that complies with the ISO certification standards for information security ISO27001

Compatibility of the website with internet browsers

The website is compatible with the following internet browsers : (Google Chrome – Firefox Mozilla – Safari) and other major internet browsers. We advise you to update the browser continuously to enjoy the latest latest versions and get the best introduction protection and rich features.

Browsing via smartphones

The website can be accessed using internet browsers on computers as well as smartphones. Through the smartphone, the user can take advantage of the search features, language options, the electronic services provided, and the user guide for the services. In addition to checking the latest news.

Social media channels with the General Organization for irrigation

The General Organization for irrigation provides various and many communication channels for its users to choose what suits them to communicate through it . To provide suggestions and comments that will contribute to the better provision of services these channels: website and mobile application "ray".. In addition to the channels of the public institution for irrigation through social media.